Welcome to Concurrence, the technology arm of Shipley


The Concurrence range has always been dedicated to helping you win more business. Since our merger with Shipley in 2014 we have enjoyed greater access to world-leading best practice. Allowing us to develop great technology solutions that support you to win new business, however competitive the environment.

We know you are being challenged to achieve more with fewer resources and are working to bring simple, highly productive tools that adhere to the following:

  • Ensure you stand-out further from the competition
  • Reinforce best practices that are proven to help you win
  • Save you time
  • Improve quality and repeatability across your organisation
  • Help your team work together and collaborate
  • Help people to do their job more easily and effectively

This site brings together all the products and tools from Shipley and Concurrence that you loved, and provides information on the new tools we are looking to develop. Tools like the Executive Summary Builder (ESB) that helps the person/people who best understand the customer to write the most important document of the bid, in 30 minutes! Check-out the one minute overview 

Compel Your Customers to Select You Every Time

Start as you mean to go on, use our Executive Summary Builder to create compelling documents in 30 minutes and put best practice into action. Learn more ...

Stand Out From Your Competition

For over ten years Catalyst has been allowing clients in many industries stand out from the crowd and their competitors. Lean more...

Addressing common issues in business development

Listen to Cathy Day, from our colleagues Shipley, describe how to recognise and address the common issues people experience in targeting the Executive Summary properly. Learn more and see the video.